Personal Training Exercise Tips That Are Right for You!

Personal Training is a very fast weight loss program that promises participants substantial weight-loss and body reshaping opportunity. You are required to follow a six week regimen of dieting and workouts that are calculated to increase metabolism rates. However, the quick weight-loss in the 12 week body transformation challenge can be hazardous if the exercise regimen is too strenuous or the diet not customised to your profile like

Before Starting Off
The best thing to do before engaging in any personal training program that promises rapid weight reduction is to seek advice from a professional fitness trainer or a sports-medicine doctor. It is important to study the exercise technique and the load on your body as well as your individual fitness condition and injury history. Concentrate on learning how to properly perform exercises that make losing weight easy, click here to learn more.

Avoid Prolonged Discomfort
While all exercises are designed to tax your body to a certain extent, it is advisable to discontinue any exercise that is causing prolonged fatigue, pain or discomfort. You can find out your personal thresholds by reducing the intensity or frequency of the exercise or discontinue them altogether if still felt to be uncomfortable.

Watch Out For Critical Symptoms
It is vital that workouts be stopped if you experience severe chest or neck/jaw pain or pain that travels down the arm or is between the shoulders; these are indicative of a heart attack. You must also quit exercising if you experience severe breathlessness or irregular or fast heartbeat. If you have injured any muscle, ligament, tendon or joint you must ensure that you take proper rest and let the damage be repaired before you recommence.

Stress the Target Tissue
You must be on the watch out to see that whatever exercise you are doing matches your fitness goal of weight reduction. Since this involves placing stress on targeted tissues poor technique may just divert the strain and ultimately waste your effort and time or worse be the cause of unintentional injury. It is also important to differentiate between advanced techniques and exercises for beginners, as otherwise serious injuries could result. I suggest you attend Dangerously Fit Academy Kettlebell course to learn the correct way of using kettlebells.

Avoid Unnatural Movement of Joints
When you use a machine or a technique that makes you force your joints to perform unnatural movements it is a sure-fire way of getting injured. Never attempt to use a machine that is not designed for your specific body-size or form because that is sure to make you perform motions outside your normal range. The lat pull-down is a good example of an exercise that puts needless stress on the shoulders.

Don’t Focus On Only One Type of Exercise
When you undertake the personal training, it is natural that you will be obsessed with exercises that are focused on fat reduction, however performing the same type of exercises essentially means that you are stressing the same areas and leading up to an injury that could be very painful. It is important that you vary the routine and give different muscles time to recover. You should cross-train with other exercises or even sports and definitely allow yourself complete rest of at least one day in a week.