World Mountain Running Trophy Wellington 2005
Race Commentary

Race Commentary

If you are not able to make it to Mt Vic to watch the racing you can follow events from your computer!

During the World Mountain Running Trophy (25 September 2005), this page will be continuously updated with text messages during the conduct of the day's races.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Posted by: Ian 4:39 PM
R4:39 PM
Full provisional results are now posted on the results page. Some photos are available from the same page, with more to come over the next few days.

R3:48 PM
Wellington's Kate McIlroy has won - 2nd place Tracey Brindley of Scotland with Anna Pichrtova of the Czech Republic 3rd. Melissa Moon of Wellington was around 6th.

R3:38 PM
Starting the final descent Kate Mac is now over 2 mins ahead of Tracey Brindley. 20 sec back to Anna Pichrtova then Mary Wilkinson of England, Vittoria Salvini of Italy and Melissa Moon of New Zealand. Australian runners are 9th and 11th.

R3:30 PM
Passing the trig for the second time, Kate McIlroy leads with 2 minute margin over Tracey Brindley who has moved into 2nd place. Anna Pichrtova now in 3rd 5sec behind Tracey. Melissa Moon has dropped back to 4th. Laura Haefeli who won last week's Turbine Race is now 6th, while former world champion Angela Mudge of Scotland has moved up many places during the ascent and now lies in 12th place. Australians are now 10th and 13th.

R3:18 PM
Kate Mac 75 seconds ahead of Melissa Moon at the first descent. 15 sec back is Anna Pichrtova then Tracey Brindley. First Australians are Vivian Pott in 10th and Jackie Fairweather in 11th

R3:08 PM
Kate McIlroy of New Zealand is first to the trig point, 40 sec ahead of Melissa Moon. 3rd is Anna Pichrtova 15 sec behind. Tracey Brindley of Scotland 52 sec behind, Mary Wilkinson of England. Australia have 2 runners in top 10.

R3:03 PM
Results from the senior men's race are now posted

R2:59 PM
Senior Women's race is in progress.

R2:57 PM
Senior Women have been called to the start line for the final race of the day. Still bright sunshine with strong gusty wind.

R2:55 PM
Senior Mens Teams;

1. Italy 2. NZ, 3 France, 4. England, 5. Switzerland 6. USA, 7. Germany, 8. Mexico, 9. Slovenia, 10. Austria

R2:17 PM
Wyatt wins - 2. Gabriele Abate, 3. Davide Chicco, 4. Marco Gaiardo, 5. Helmut Schiessl
Italy won the team event (again!)

R1:57 PM
Dale Warrander is currently the second New Zealander, Ben Revell, Mike Wakelin and Callum Harland placed in that order.

R1:48 PM
Passing the Mt Victoria Trig point for the 3rd and final time, Jonathan is 2min 10sec ahead of Davide Chicco, followed by Gaiardo, Gabriele Abate then Ricardo Mejia of Mexico

R1:43 PM
1 lap to go - at Hay Street starting the ascent for the 3rd time. Wyatt now has a 2 minute lead over Gaiardo. Chicco is closing in and may move up into second. Italy's first 4 runners are placed 2, 3, 4 and 7. Dale Warrander of NZ is currently 10th.

R1:34 PM
Wyatt has just lapped the last placed runner.

R1:31 PM
Wyatt leads into the main descent now, with 80 sec lead over Gaiardo and Chicco in 3rd. Italy have their entire 6-man team in the top 20 at this point, with 4 in the top 12. NZ have 3 runners in the top 15 but Italy look odds-on for the teams title.

R1:28 PM
At the top of the ascent on lap 2 Wyatt is 65 secs ahead of Gaiardo, then 20 sec gap to chasers Chicco, Helmut Schiessl of Germany, Ricardo Mejia of Mexico, Gabriele Abate of Italy and Simon Gutierrez of USA

R1:22 PM
Crossing Paliser Road (ie half way up the hill on the second lap) - Wyatt has increased his lead to 55 seconds. Gaiardo second with another Italian runner 3rd.

R1:13 PM
Starting the first descent, Wyatt leads, with Gaiardo second and McTaggart 3rd. Italy hold 4th and 6th places.

R1:10 PM
Top of the hill - Jonathan Wyatt (NZ) leading, 10 sec ahead of Scott McTaggart of Australia. 5sec back is Marco Gaiardo of Italy, then Selahattin Selcuk of Turkey, followed by Antonio Molinari and Davide Chicco of Italy.

R1:05 PM
Senior men's race is in progress

R12:59 PM
Results from Junior Men and Junior Women's races are on the web site now (see 'results' page for links)

R12:56 PM
Senior Men are being called to the start line now.

R12:33 PM
Half an hour to go till the start of the senior men's race. Clouds have gone so runners are warming up in bright sunshine. Strong northwesterly wind, gusty.

R12:32 PM
Provisional teams results for junior mens race - 1. Turkey, 2. Italy, 3. Czech Republic

R12:19 PM
Gunen of Turkey Wins! 2nd is Carera of Mexico, 3rd Martin Dematteis. 4th is Aslan, 5th Bernard Dematteis, followed by 6th Jan Hamr, 7th Tunctan and 8th Diego Scaffidi Ingiona.

R12:04 PM
Heading into the final descent, Vedat Gunen leads Carera. Martin Dematteis and Arslan chase with Bernard Dematteis behind.

R11:57 AM
Runners are now battling a strengthening gusty NW wind at the summit for the second lap. Vedat Gunen of Turkey leads the field, with an 8 sec lead on Carera of Mexico. 12sec back is Martin Dematteis of Italy, then 16sec to Ahmet Arslan of Turkey. A large gap separates these runners from Bernard Dematteis of Italy and Jan Hamr of the Czech Republic.

R11:45 AM
Starting the descent - Carera of Mexico leads, followed by Gunen and Martin Dematteis, then a 10 sec gap to Arslan, Hamr and Bernard Dematteis.

R11:41 AM
At the top of the hill on the first lap, Jan Hamr of Czech Republic is 10 sec ahead of a big pack - Martin Dematteis of Italy, Vedat Gunen of Turkey, Juan Carlos Carera of Mexico, Ahmet Arslan and Fhri Tunctan of Turkey, Bernard Dematteis of Italy. A gap then to first New Zealander Hayden McLaren and Benjamin Choquert of France.

R11:31 AM
Hayden McLaren of New Zealand leads the junior men into the start of the ascent in Hay Street. Second is Diego Scaffidi Ingiona from Italy, 3rd is Martin Dematteis of Italy.

R11:27 AM
Junior men are being called to the start for their 2-lap race

R11:20 AM
New Zealander Ruth Croft gave everthing in leading her team to 5th team place - she fell exhausted at the finish line and was carried from the area.

R11:16 AM
Juliya Mochalova's win was even more remarkable under the circumstances - the Russian team arrived in Wellington at 11.30pm last night - Juliya had 3 hours sleep, no food and had not seen the course. She did not know where the start line was, and arrived just 1 minute before the start of the Junior womens' race. But in a remarkable psychological performance, she went straight to the front in the first 10 metres and was never headed.

R10:59 AM
Junior womens winner was Juliya MOCHALOVA 21m50s. 2nd is Kosovelj, 3rd Ongun, 4th Krkoc, 5th Suza Mladeovic of Slovenia.

Provisional team results: 1st Slovenia, 2nd Russia, 3rd Turkey, 4th England, 5th New Zealand.

R10:39 AM
Russian runner wins, Slovenian second - results to follow on the results page.

R10:23 AM
At top of the hill starting the descent. A Russian runner not listed in our start list is leading, 50m back is Kosovelj. 100m back to Ongun of Turkey. Big gap then to Krkoc, Beresova then Saglan of Turkey followed by Ruth Croft of NZ

R10:11 AM
At the Summit - Russian runner is in 1st place, 30sec ahead of Kosovelj of Slovenia. 3rd is Ongun from Turkey, then another Slovenian Runner Krkoc and Beresova from Slovakia. Ruth Croft is first New Zealander followed by Alice Mason in 9th and Hayley Green in 18th.

R9:04 AM
junior women's race has started on time...

R9:01 AM
Winner of the open race was Tim Austin of the UK, in just over 60 minutes for the 3 lap course, which is what the elite men will run in the world trophy race this afternoon. (for comparison the NZ champs was won in just under 59 mins earlier in the year)

R8:51 AM
Weather is partly cloudy, gusty north westerly wind. Forecast maximum is 16 degrees C with a possibility of light rain later in the day. But for the moment the course is very dry meaning the downhill running could be very fast in the championship races which kicks off just over 1hr from now.

R8:47 AM
Children are massing near the finish area for the children's fun event which kicks off 9.15.

The open race is concluding with the last of the 3-lap runners nearing the finish.