Day in the Life of an Online Personal Trainer

What is a Day in the Life of an Online Personal Trainer like?

Not everybody can become a successful and popular online personal trainer. The work schedule is grueling; the hours are long and unusual; you need to handle different types of clients and creating your own base of loyal customers take time. So how exactly does online personal training course manage all this and then some more? If you are eager to take up fitness training as a profession; you must acquaint yourself with the difficulties and rewards associated with it. After all, you should enjoy what you do if you want to make a success of your chosen career.

What are the Pitfalls of Fitness Training as a Profession?

Fitness training can be a rewarding career (despite the seeming drawback) only if you are passionate about health and fitness. You should also have a natural flair for helping people and dealing with different clients in a calm and controlled manner.

Be Prepared for a Grueling Day

Being a full-time personal trainer is certainly not easy. For one, you have to get up at ungodly hours in the morning and forget about relaxing weekends. On most days, you will have to be up and moving by 6am in the morning. By that time, you will have finished your breakfast, packed your lunch and be on your way to your first client or your studio.

Lunch will be sometime between 1pm and 2 pm after which you can take a short break depending on the number of remaining clients. On days when you have fewer clients, you can expect to wrap up by 3pm or 4pm. However, on most days personal trainers will be very busy and it can be almost 8pm when you finish with your last client! Let Dangerously Fit Personal Training motivate you!

Be Prepared for Idiosyncrasies

Clients are as different as they come! Each of them will have their own fetish, individual lifestyle, personal likings and disliking, food preferences, timings and so on. On any given day, you will have to handle all this and much more as a personal trainer with a professional attitude.

You will have to be careful about avoiding being too friendly or aloof. Some of your clients will be naturally compliant while others will have unusual demands. You will have to adjust your schedule regularly to accommodate new clients without compromising on your present customers. As a personal trainer, you will have to travel around a lot every day if you plan to visit clients at their place of convenience.

How Rewarding is the Profession?

However, at the end of each day most personal trainers are happy with the way they have spent their time. They end their day on a high note of satisfaction at having achieved something worthwhile. On some days, personal trainers will have helped a particular client reach a fitness goal and another in improving his mobility.

Once you become a certified personal fitness trainer, you too will be in a position to help different people improve the quality of their life on a daily basis. And since you love what you do, the days ahead promise to be exciting, enjoyable, and fruitful and financially rewarding. After all, the discerning client will pay any amount for the exclusive services of a qualified and experienced fitness trainer.

What to look for in a Personal Trainer?

Way to go! You have just stepped up the level by deciding to go to a gym and get from fat to fit; fabulously fit. But WAIT! Is there something that’s holding you, a subconscious thought (such as, I am a NOVICE in the gym and don’t want to break bones)?

Here we need someone to guide us out of those fears, right onto the path to a perfect body. And imagine all that perfect guidance focused only onto you is like having an angel from heaven, a personal trainer.

Finding the perfect trainer may be tedious but isn’t impossible (thanks to Google). There are some keys that you need to consider when finding out the right guy for your day to day workouts. Listed below are seven virtues that you should analyse before partnering with any trainer:

Understand your goal

Not everybody has the same kind of body. You ought to love and understand your body as it is. Never set a goal to compete with others. Set yourself a goal that you want to achieve. The pace may be slow but change should be substantial rather than going into something that your body cannot handle. You and your trainer must understand the demands of your body.

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Undoubtedly, the most important thing is that your trainer must be accredited. A personal trainer is not somebody who is made overnight. They are subjected to a massive regime of physical fitness tasks which make them nearly perfect in achieving any level of physical activity a body can do.

Years of activity and tiring exercises daily for several hours are what make a trainer stand out in the crowd. Proper accreditation of the trainer must be assured in order to accomplish your fitness goals.

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The first thing we notice is the appearance but after talking to the trainer for a while you will understand his personality which is very important. Some people are very patient with their clients; some rather scream and make their presence visible. Talk your way out with your trainer to get the perfect communication between you and him/her.


This is a heavy word in every field of expertise. A trainer who has recently completed his physical fitness degree would be damn cool, but when it comes to training others, he has a long way to go. A personal trainer must have experience to work with different body types and bring out the result in almost all types of personnel. Physical fitness is a lifestyle and varies person-to-person. Your trainer must be experienced enough to get the best out of you.


Going to a car mechanic to get your cough cured is always a bad decision; same goes with your trainer. You would like to get trained under an athletics coach rather than say, Olympic weightlifter. Choose your trainer according to your goal, after all you are betting your safety upon him.


Last but not the least, getting a dream trainer should not burn a hole in your pocket. Consider the best and experienced options. It is better to pay a penny extra for Dangerously Fit Personal Training, than cutting a deal with a newbie who is not self well experienced to guide you through.

Now! There must be a burning desire in you to get out and get on to the hunt for a perfect trainer. These are just suggestions and not stone carved rules, if you feel personally that one thing has priority over the other you can always re-consider your options. Always remember the happiest time you spend working out is the most productive time.